Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

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When it comes to Walt Disney World attractions, it is pretty hard to pick a favorite, but nothing quite captivates me like the Haunted Mansion.  Located in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square,  the Haunted Mansion is built in a gothic style reminiscent of an 18th century Hudson River Valley structure. It is the home of 999 happy haunts, but of course, there is always room for one more!

The ride itself lasts for about 8 minutes.  An amazing interactive queue leads guests through a graveyard and interactive crypts.  As you approach the mansion, guests are greeted at the door by Cast Members dressed as maids and butlers and escorted to the stretching room…….is the room actually stretching??

Guests then move on to board awaiting doom buggies for their tour of the Haunted Mansion!  Get ready for Imagineering at it’s finest! The special effects are amazing!  And of course, keeping in mind Disney’s attention to the finest details, there is always something new to discover!  Here are some of the things I have discovered through numerous rides through the mansion and through research; things you may not have known or have missed:

Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

  • Guess what?  There are other hidden characters (other than Mickey) in the Haunted Mansion!
  • The Haunted Mansion is the only place where Cast Member’s do not smile.
  • The Haunted  Mansion’s weather vane is in the shape of a bat.
  • At night you can see a strange glow in some of windows of the Haunted Mansion.
  • There is a hidden Mickey on the dining room table in the banquet scene of the Haunted Mansion.
  • The painting of the ” body” hanging in the stretch room is said to be that of Master Gracey’s wife, who died on their wedding night.
  • When the doom buggy turns backwards and descends from the attic to the graveyard, the descent is exactly 6 feet signifying the “death” of the passengers.
  • In the Haunted Mansion, at the beginning of the ride, take a look at the series of portraits on the left.  They were designed with pupils recessed to appear as though they are watching you.  On one of the portraits one of the pupils is a hidden Mickey.
  • Have you ever seen the raven? Throughout the Haunted Mansion, a raven appears over and over again.
  • Have you ever noticed that the ghost bride is not wearing a wedding ring?
  • There is a pet cemetery on the far left on the hill as you exit the Mansion.

Have you ever wondered what the background story for the Haunted Mansion is? The story goes as follows: Master Gracey had been married previously, but all his wives had died (though Master Gracey was not responsible for these deaths). He met and proposed to his 7th wife. She was a prankster and dabbled in the occult, and wanted to play a trick on Master Gracey on their wedding night. While in her wedding gown, she snuck up into the attic and hid in a large trunk. The trunk locked, and nobody could hear her cries for help. She suffocated and died. Master Gracey was devastated. He had his wife’s body placed in a horse drawn carriage to be brought to the cemetery. As Master Gracey held his wife’s hand for the last time, something scared the horse, and the horse took off, and the wedding ring fell off her hand and was stomped into the pavement by one of the horse’s hooves.  The next day the carriage was found outside the cemetery, but the horse and the corpse were nowhere to be found. Master Gracey was so grief stricken, he returned to the mansion and hung himself.

Have you discovered anything you would like to share about the Haunted Mansion? Let us know, we would love to hear it!

Happy haunts :)

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